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The Tiki Tag solution is very easy to install, and does not require the intervention of a technician. Installation and configuration instructions are supplied with the Tags. An online technical support team will be on hand to help you if necessary. A video with installation and setup steps will also be available.

How many Tags can be registered on a Smartphone?

You can register a maximum of 3 tags.

The Tag's battery has an average life of 2 years, depending on the functions used. 

Yes, the Tags come with batteries that you can replace yourself. Type CR2032 button cell.

No subscription required  

  The application is available in English, French and Spanish. Other languages will be added in the future.

No, the Tiki Tag system is independent of the Internet network and only requires Bluetooth activation on the smartphone for notifications.

No, as the Tiki Tag system is not connected to the Internet, no personal data is stored on a server.  

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