About us

The Tiki concept was born in 2001 when I saved my 3-year-old son from drowning in extremis. 22 years of maturation waiting for technology to enable me to develop a prevention system, now for my grandchildren.  

Michel SIRVENT • Founder of Tiki Smart

Who we are ?

Tiki Smart designs and develops technological systems to prevent everyday accidents in the home and protect your children. 

Through our solutions, we enable the youngest children to develop their learning through exploration, with complete peace of mind for parents. 

Our strength: preventing accidents before children come into direct contact with danger, giving them time to intervene.

The team

A merry mix of inter-generational skills and experience from aeronautical engineering, the military, electronic security, smart building and telecommunications, as well as finance and marketing. What drives us all? To design, develop and deliver a solution that makes the world safer and more beautiful for those we love.

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