CES Las Vegas 2024

The curtain has fallen on CES 2024! A dazzling show of technological innovation in Las Vegas. Let's take a look back at the highlights of our participation in this major event.

A sneak preview!

With just two days to go before CES kicks off, Tiki Smart had the exclusive opportunity to take part in Unveiled. This event brought together visionary companies and journalists, offering a privileged platform to preview our technological advances. An immersive experience that created crucial links within the industry.

USA Today likes it!

The accolade came in the form of the Reviewed Award, presented by Reviewed of the USA TODAY network. According to them, Tiki Smart is one of the best innovations of this 2024 edition.

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Tiki attracts!

The Tiki Smart stand at CES 2024 not only attracted curious looks, but also the interest of many journalists!

These encounters opened doors for Tiki Smart. Live interviews, articles and conferences enabled the team to present its home accident prevention solution. These meetings turned into opportunities, expanding our network and strengthening our presence among promising French startups!

Tiki was present in TV shows


Tiki was presented with a demonstration of its functions on the channels KSN TV Las Vegas, CBS News, Katu TV and KLAS.

#teamNAqui : Our Pillar

The #teamNAqui was the foundation of our success at CES 2024. Our sincere thanks go to this team, whose unfailing support enabled Tiki Smart to be one of 12 exhibitors proudly representing the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. This fruitful collaboration confirms that our region is a breeding ground for innovation and solid partnerships.


We would also like to thank UnitecRégion Nouvelle-AquitaineLa French Tech Bordeaux, CCI Bordeaux GirondeCCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine for their indescribable support and for enabling Tiki Smart to experience this unforgettable first adventure.